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Does your computer leave you confused?


Is your Home PC in need of some Home Help?


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For one-to-one training, computer maintenance, networking and general computing advice, speak to The Computer Guru for honest, impartial and affordable help in Leeds and surrounding areas. With over 25 years experience, Debra can guide you through any problems or difficulties with your PC or network. Debra's attention to service and detail has made her a local favourite with those in the know.

Software Repairs

Viruses, malware, programs not performing correctly - all of these can make your computing experience a living hell. With tools to fix and experience to recover, your PC and laptop can be back as good as new.

Training your way    

Learn to love your computer in your own home at your own pace. With over 25 years of training experience, a tailor-made training plan which works the way you want it to is at your fingertips.

Hardware Repairs

Upgrades, hardware repairs, broken screens - all resolved as competitively as possible.


Printers, routers, wireless printers, WIFI connectivity - all sorted simply and easily with the minimum of effort.

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